Suliman Shaker Qandil was one of the first certified tax agents to operate in the United Arab Emirates

In 2021, he decided to take on a new role: As the founder and CEO of Suliman Qandil.

The Sky's The Limit

Our mission is to provide our client’s individual and business needs with guidance and...



● Conducting business in a transparent and honest matter at all times.


● Leadership
● Commitment and Dedication
● Efficiency and Transparency
● Exceeding Expectations


● Anticipating and fulfilling all of our client’s needs
● Maintain loyalty, trust and respect throughout all relationships


● Working together with a shared purpose
● Fostering an environment of trust and honesty.


We provide a wide range of services to ensure full compliance with the FTA for businesses and individual tax payers.

  • Corporate
    • Business registrations with the FTA
    • Assisting and maintaining the financial planning for taxes
    • Liaising with the FTA and other regulatory bodies when required
    • Preparing and submitting tax returns and statements for audits
    • Attending FTA audits
    • Submission of reconsideration requests on decisions issued by FTA.
    • Submission of objections on FTA decisions to the Tax Disputes Resolution Committee.
    • Attendance in Court challenges
    • Provide expert knowledge of tax law and statutory regulations in the UAE.
    • Understanding financial landscape and market trends
    • Correct implementation of methods used for “Stalemates under the Capital Assets Scheme”.
    • Tax records audit.
  • Residence VAT refunds for UAE nationals against their private residential properties.

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